Ecological Documentary – (Observe the facts, make up your own mind)

This week, MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES provides a captivating and mesmerizing journey through parts of Asia that are being transformed by industry. Following the images of still photographer Edward Burtynsky, this film silently poses a few questions. Is the world shaped and altered more by nature or by humans? In what ways does human industry alter the appearance and functionality of the planet? What are the hidden effects of an industrialized free market world? The film gives you objective information so you can ask yourselves these questions and can figure out your own answers.

Check out this clip and head over to the MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES film page if you want to know when it will air next.

ECOISTS – (Find inspiration from a well known personality)

Laurie David shares her enthusiasm for The Virtual March, a project she started up to get web users involved in environmental awareness and activism. Laurie David makes an interesting point that political action on the environment must be accompanied by personal education about environmental issues. In other words, effort from the government and American citizens will both be needed if humanity intends to combat climate change.

Here is the video for Laurie David

Swing by the ECOISTS website and check out Laurie David’s profile.

ECO BIZ – (Successful companies become more profitable by helping to save the planet)

Check out a clip featuring Vivavi Furniture

Vivavi Furniture aims to create furnishings that are pleasing to the touch and are agreeable to the eye. Essentially, the designers of the furniture want you to think that their products are the best you can buy, and to expect that the materials and procedures used to make them are 100% green. You can be the judge of their success, so head over to THE GREEN and check out the Vivavi Furniture profile.