Pledge To Make Earth Day Every Day With Energy Star

It is good to know what your government is doing in regards to the state of the environment. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started a program called Energy Star in 1992. Energy Star is a voluntary organization that entreats companies who make electrical devices to include a special label on their products. In order for a product to qualify for an Energy Star label, it must meet strict energy efficiency standards set by the Energy Star program.

The idea here is to point consumer attention towards products that promote responsible consumption of natural resources. This seems to be one of the more realistic approaches to solving the climate crisis, since we all know somebody is always going to want a microwave or an air conditioner, no matter how bad the environmental problems might get. Conservation is a great way to get your cake and eat it too. Read more below to find out about the new pledge you can make at the Energy Star Website.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a national campaign to help Americans join in the fight against climate change. The campaign, “Change the World, Start with Energy Star” helps people make important energy-efficient changes at home and at work that can add up to significant reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases.

“Environmental responsibility is everyone’s responsibility and this Earth Day, we are encouraging people to take common sense steps to reduce their climate footprints,” said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. “Through our new ‘Change the World: Start with ENERGY STAR’ campaign, we are helping people save green by going green.”

The campaign builds on the success of the Energy Star Change a Light campaign by providing a set of steps people can take to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
In addition to replacing at least one light in the home with an Energy Star one, the new Energy Star pledge encourages consumers to:

- Make home heating and cooling systems work more efficiently
- Make sure homes are well sealed and insulated
- Enable the power management features on home computers and monitors
- Choose an Energy Star qualified refrigerator, dishwasher and/or clothes washer when replacing or purchasing new appliances

Taking energy efficient steps at home and at work can make an important difference in addressing climate change. Buildings contribute about 40% of the nation’s emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, as most of the energy used in buildings comes from the burning of fossil fuels. These emissions can be reduced substantially through energy efficiency and the steps of the Energy Star pledge. If every American household took part in this new Energy Star pledge, we would save more than $18 billion in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 18 million cars..

Individuals can take the pledge online at