Enjoying Nature Requires Saving It

Why should a person want to save nature and preserve the delicate balance of life? Of the many reasons, the primary one would be a desire for a healthy planet. Another could be the improved health that results from living in a cleaner, less toxic environment. Toxins from air, water and soil pollution can impede your bodies’ organs from operating properly, leading to many diseases and disorders. Many people champion the rights of animals to live a full life, and reversing the global warming trend will insure the survival of countless animals, plants and other organisms.

What about preserving the beauty of a healthy and vibrant nature? If you like to see stunningly beautiful and intricate things, then safeguarding the environment can preserve the most beautiful places in the world. Without a strong and vibrant pulse in the ecosystems of the planet, these scenic places will disappear slowly until we can only look forward to seeing nature in greenhouses.

1. Check out a great resource for video podcasts of beautiful places in the world. You can find them on I-Tunes [ax.phobos.apple.com.edgesuite.net]. If you do not have I-Tunes, you can watch some videos at Beautiful Places TV [homepage.mac.com].

2. Check Out National Geographic [www.nationalgeographic.com]. As many of you will probably know, National Geographic has been around for a very long time, and they are serious about their nature appreciation. In fact, the closer nature comes to the breaking point, the closer National Geographic will come to losing their primary source of content.

3. For still images of nature in all its beauty, and to start adding images from the nature nearby your home, check out Flickr’s Beautiful Mother Nature [www.flickr.com] user generated photo gallery.

As always, it is a pleasure to provide directions to some enthralling images and videos of nature. We hope you enjoy the majesty of nature. Make sure to check out Eco-mmunity’s Take Action! [www.sundance.tv] page if you are interested in doing something helpful.