Take Action On Eco-mmunity Map

The Eco-mmunity is all about helping people change the world around them. Turn an abandoned lot into a garden for your community. Tired of tap water that smells terrible, use Eco-mmunity to rally your community and send letters to a state representative (and copies to a local paper), and sit back and watch as change happens.

How can an individual’s actions change their carbon footprint? There are many ways to do this on Eco-mmunity Map. Every time an Eco-mmunity member creates a marker on the map, there is a greater chance that another person who searches the map will find the marker and will learn about and possibly support a green force in the world. Add a marker for everything green in your world.

You can change the world with determination. While there is no reward without toil, at least the work of adding to the Eco-mmunity Map can connect you to your community and provide a few laughs from reading other people’s map markers.

If you are looking for a more traditional route of helping the environment, then check out the “Take Action Now” webpage of Eco-mmunity. If you want to help save resources and avoid the annoyance of endless Junk Mail, then check out GreenDimes. If you are interested in getting something to wear for your contribution, then check out TONIC’s designer t-shirts, each one supports a different charity.

Very soon we will be adding new functionality and features to Eco-mmunity. Expect to find these mysterious new features sometime in the spring and during the second season of THE GREEN.