Quality Green Websites

As many people see the internet as the last bastion of free speech in the world, and because it is so easy to add information to the internet, there is a lot of really cool green websites out there. As it can be hard to keep track of the seemingly endless resources available online, we thought we would post some interesting links here in THE GREEN BLOG.

1. BuildingGreen.com [www.buildinggreen.com] has a very cool section in their website where they take some famous green buildings and break down how each room contributes to the sustainability of the house. Check out an example now.

2. Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice To All Creation [www.drtatiana.com] – Similarly to the GREEN PORNO online mini-series, Dr. Tatiana is a book and TV show about how animals sex lives are totally off-the-wall and alien to the human conception of mating rituals.

3. RealClimate [www.realclimate.org] – If you are looking for a dash of authenticity the next time you berate some know-it-all who thinks humanity can poor toxic waste in the water, soil and air and be just dandy, then check out this site for the hard facts behind why it is important to green industry and society.

4. FreeCycle [uk.freecycle.org] – Ebay is pretty sustainable in that it can extend the useful lifetime of a product by providing an economic incentive for reuse. FreeCycle is a website in a similar vein, because it is solely devoted to promoting sustainability by making a central location for people to trade products. If a used CD player will cost less or nothing and will get the job done, then why bother buying a new product that contributes more pollution to the planet?

As always, thanks for joining us at THE GREEN BLOG and we hope our users comment on this post and add more urls for other great environmentally themed websites.