No Green Movement Without Individual Choices

It is easy to feel like you are the only one who really cares about the state of the environment. The reality of the situation is that you are in good company. Many resourceful, intelligent, caring and morally guided individuals are a part of the rising green revolution. The upcoming election of 2008 will be a great time for the consolidated activities of this green revolution to make a big difference.

Before then, you are probably looking for some way to do something on the individual level to make the world more pollution-free.

There are two general things you can start thinking about right away.

1) Recycling and Reusing is Great For Mother Earth

You would be surprised at how many things can be recycled, and if things cannot be recycled, chances are it can be reused or donated to a charity that will find it a new home.

The greatest challenge with recycling is getting yourself off the couch and wrapping up the recycling items for transport to the recycling center. Once you have the will to recycle, the practice can become rhythmic and habitual. The easy part (only easy because you are reading this post) of recycling is finding the right recycling center that will gladly accept the items you lug over there. To facilitate this, check out this wonderful site called Earth 911 []. There is a certifiably awe-inspiring recycling center search box at the top of the screen. We highly recommend that you use this tool to find the right place for your recycling goods. You may want to call the business before you bring anything over; it’s important to make sure they can in fact recycle whatever it is you want them too.

2) Vote With Your Wallet []

You can make a huge difference buying (or not buying) from specific companies. For obvious reasons, putting any specific materials in this section is challenging, big companies control all the big websites and advertising money insures complicity and silence. However, none of that should stop YOU from picking one company whose products you buy and investigating how they do business. If you find some things that disturb you, and double check that these things in question can be verified by multiple sources, then perhaps you should start researching another company that makes a competing product. It will be hard and challenging, but you can comfort yourself by knowing that the spirit of Rosa Parks will approve of all your hard work. In relationship recycling and reuse, wouldn’t you rather buy products from a company that makes it easy to return used products or that makes products which are reusable by nature.