Green Rooftops

Green Rooftops are a great subject for everyone to consider. For many people who invest in property, making a garden on your roof is a great way to start bringing nature back into the urban setting. If the laws of nature are literally being enacted on your very roof, doesn’t that make life in the city feel more natural? Perhaps people will learn to do things sustainably by the example provided by successful tenements that promote the growth of plants on rooftops.

Lets not forgot about the often overlooked benefit of roof gardens: all the delicious and EXTREMELY local food you can make for your building. If you are a landlord, you should still buy a roof garden because you can sell food to the entire building. Imagine if you did not have to go to the grocery store for a snack, instead you could go up to the roof and buy a fresh salad from your landlord. If you own your own house, then you have no excuse, you could feed your family with a roof garden.

Here are a few places to get more info on green roofs

Green Institute [] – This site has a quick cheat sheet on the numerous financial and health benefits of having a a roof garden.

G-Sky [] – This site contains a list of green roof products that are quite innovative and inventive. For instance, there are hanging panels you can get that create hanging vine plant installations against your house’s walls. [] – One of the best and oldest green roof sites on the internet. Make sure to take a long tour of this website.