California: Actively Planning Hi-Speed Trains

In terms of resource conservation, trains are far superior to any other form of transport, except for walking, bicycles or sailboats of course. In terms of speed, trains are second only to aerial transportation, which provides the most inefficient use of fuel. Given the technology that is affordable and available today, preventing climate change would best be avoided through a clever and judiciously administrated train system that spanned North America.

California is choosing to build a hi-speed train system in order to meet their self-imposed fuel efficiency standards. Revolutionizing transportation is a great start to the fight against global warming and also makes America less dependent on foreign fuel reserves. THE TERMINATOR governator Arnold Schwarzenegger wins points with environmentalists for continuing the support of the train project in California.

Hopefully, California’s Hi-Speed Trains will inspire other states of the union to create similar train systems.

If you are interested in following the future of the new railway system, check out the California High-Speed Rail Authority []