Dollars Ahead for Connecticut's Shoreline Greenway Trail

HARTFORD, Connecticut, January 23, 2008 (ENS) – Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that $665,000 to help build a greenway trail from Madison to New Haven is expected to gain approval when the state Bond Commission meets on Friday, January 25.

The Shoreline Greenway Trail is a 25 mile multi-use trail from Lighthouse Point in New Haven to Hammonasset State Park in Madison. It is being built, section by section, in the four shoreline towns of East Haven, Branford, Guilford and Madison.

On October 30, 2007, the Connecticut Legislature passed a bond package which includes $665,000 for the Shoreline Greenway Trail. This funding will allow the state to access $2.65 million in federal matching dollars.

A section of the Shoreline
Greenway Trail at East Haven
(Photo courtesy Shoreline
Greenway Trail Assn.)

“I have heard from many Connecticut residents urging that we support this project, and I want them all to know that their voices have been heard,” Governor Rell said. “I agree wholeheartedly that this trail will one day be an attractive regional asset that we will point to with pride. What a great legacy to leave for our children and grandchildren.”

In every section, the trail will be environmentally sensitive, safe and acceptable to landowners.

“When completed, this trail will connect parks, railroad stations, village centers and other trails,” Governor Rell said. “This trail will be enjoyed by people of all ages who love the outdoors, from walkers and hikers to bicyclists and cross-country skiers.

Creating safe pedestrian and bike access in this area will allow thousands of residents and visitors to enjoy Connecticut’s beautiful shoreline.

“Throughout the state, we have been fighting sprawl and promoting responsible growth. That means preserving our open space, concentrating development around city and town centers and making mass transit more appealing and more convenient. To me, this project represents the essence of responsible growth.”

In 2006, Governor Rell awarded $25,000 to the Shoreline Greenway Trail, Inc. to build the first section of the trail.

The Shoreline Greenway has received the support and praise from leaders throughout the region. More than 1,000 families and more than 100 civic organizations and businesses have contributed to building of the trail.

In addition to matching federal dollars, the trail has been funded by the towns of East Haven, Branford, Guilford and Madison, and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

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