2008: Make An Environmental Resolution

It is a new year and it’s time for all of those pesky new year resolutions. Since the environmental crisis of global warming, deforestation, and drought are finally considered important issues for humanity to tackle, why not make a resolution that helps the environment?

Since Sundance Channel really wants to inform people about ways they can help the environment, here is a quick list of potential resolution you could make this year.

1) I pledge to grow some plants in my garden or in a local public garden. More plants in the world means less CO2 and healthier air for everyone to breeze.

2) I want to support green energy this year. If you put solar panels on your roof, place a windmill on next to your house, or buy your electricity from a renewable energy supplier, you can reduce the greenhouse gas pollution in the world. You may even save money in the process, although it could be a long term investment.

3) I want to add 1-3 more plants to my indoor environment. Beautify your home with a flowering plant or put ivy around that hideous windowsill. Not only do plants improve indoor air quality (which is linked to multiple respiratory diseases) but they also introduce your guests to the concept of nature.

4) I will start sorting my recycling. Making sure paper, plastic and metal are all separated insures that more recycling will happen. Just get three bins and drop the right things in there. If you need to wash out a take-out container before you drop it in the plastic bin, see if you can take the extra time to do so.

5) I will bring grocery bags when I go shopping. Bring your own shopping bags every where. Why use a bag that wastes precious energy and resources when you can bring your own reusable bag that is better, holds more and feels weightless when you strap it around your shoulder.

6) I will check my tire pressure once a week. Making sure your tires have enough pressurized air in them helps to save fuel and makes your car a safer place to be on the road.

7) I pledge to get rid of all my junk mail! As you may know, stopping junk mail is a great way to save trees, water and energy. Plus, if you do not want to get it in the mail, you do not have to. Make sure to visit the Eco-mmunity Take Action page for more details on how you can end your junk mail.

These are just a few suggestions for easy New Years Resolutions. If you come up with resolutions that should be added to this list, please consider leaving a comment on this blog post.