Why You Should "Join Al Gore In Bali"

Al Gore is going to address world leadership at the climate conference in Bali. After just winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Gore can advise this conference with an indisputably important message about climate change [www.sundance.tv]. He is going to bring a petition with him when he visits the conference. The aim of the petition is to convince the assembled world leaders to sign a climate treaty [www.sundance.tv] by the year 2010.

Why so soon? Our time is running out. The climate crisis is a grim reality. In this case we are dealing with a grim reality that can mostly be avoided if we act quickly. A healthier planet can only come to be if the citizens of this planet decide to get involved in shaping their own future.

Al Gore wants to make it easier for each world citizen to contribute towards a balanced climate, and signing a petition is all you need to do in order to help out. If we can create millions of signatures on this petition, it would go a long way to forcing all the world leaders to stop ignoring the climate problems.

Please consider taking a minute of your time and Stand With Al Gore At The Climate Conference [www.climateprotect.org].