Great Stocking Stuffer: TONIC T-Shirts

Sundance Channel’s Eco-mmunity and TONIC have teamed up to make a difference for people and the global environment []. Read on and get a brief introduction to TONIC and their new line of 4 designer T-Shirts.

See the difference you can make when you exercise your purchasing power.

TONIC partners with secular non-profits working around the globe who make huge differences in four key areas – the environment [], education, health care and human rights. All of our cause partners have proven track records in what they do best, are committed to action now, and ensure that support reaches its destination quickly and efficiently.

TONIC hands over a big chunk of our revenue, 40% on average, to the people who need it most. The good news is that we’re not in competition for dollars you donate to other worthy non-profits. We just sell you stylish stuff and support meaningful causes along the way.

We all need clean water to drink, cook and wash with, as well as to take care of daily sanitation needs. Some communities across the world lack this essential element of survival. WaterAid and Water 1st are two organizations providing communities across the globe with safe water and education – ensuring a better quality of life for future generations.

Let’s help bring it to them. Each of TONIC’s exclusive, organically-made bamboo [] and cotton Tees will help supply one person in Nepal or Honduras with access to clean water, latrines, and hygiene education.

In parts of the world, a simple mosquito bite can kill – and a simple mosquito net can save a life. In Uganda, 2000 insecticide-treated nets have been successfully distributed. In Kenya, the use of mosquito bed nets resulted in a 44% decrease in deaths, and they just figured out a better way to deliver them. Against Malaria has provided insecticide-treated mosquito nets to families in Africa, saving hundreds of lives.

Let’s give them a hand. Each of TONIC’s exclusive, organically-made bamboo [] and cotton Tees will help fund the purchase of 3 mosquito bed nets for families in Africa.

Inderjit, a school teacher in India decided to take matters into her own hands. So she brought books and writing materials to the kids begging on railway platforms. She teaches 4,500 students a year through her “platform school” program. Millions of kids still need help.

Let’s help her. Each of TONIC’s exclusive, organically-made bamboo [] Tees will help fund a full year’s education for three children.

All species need healthy forests to survive. As the earth’s forests continue to disappear, one organization is doing something about it. American Forests is planting trees across the globe to help restore forest habitats – protecting the air we breathe and maintaining healthy habitats for animals.

Let’s help them. Each of TONIC’s exclusive, organically-made bamboo [] and cotton Tees will fund the planting of 25 trees in North America.

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