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Great Green Holiday Presents

In order to lighten your load of holiday shopping, we organized some green [www.sundance.tv] gift-giving ideas.

Designer Spotlights

For the Kids:
Q Collection Junior [www.sundance.tv]

Q Collection Junior provides a cute line of children’s furniture, bedding and accessories, while using sustainable [www.sundance.tv] materials and manufacturing. All of Q Collection Junior’s cotton is 100% organic [www.sundance.tv]. They don’t use formaldehyde, polyurethane, toxic [www.sundance.tv] flame retardants or heavy metals in their products.

Home Furnishing:
Ohio Design [www.sundance.tv]

Ohio Design uses graphic overlays to enhance the look of their furniture, while producing the pieces using reclaimed wood, recyclable steel and non-toxic [www.sundance.tv] finishes.

ply Design [www.sundance.tv]

Ply Design demonstrates that even the smallest scrap can be reused. They offer products with recycled felt and/or recycled leather.

Online Gifts

For your Pet:
Worldwise [worldwise.stores.yahoo.net]
Worldwise is a leader in green [www.sundance.tv] toy making for pets. All of their products are made of natural [www.sundance.tv], recycled, reclaimed or certified organic [www.sundance.tv] materials.

An Assortment of Gifts:
EcoExpress [www.ecoexpress.com]

EcoExpress provides natural [www.sundance.tv] and organic [www.sundance.tv] gifts for any special occasion. Making it easy to support the environment [www.sundance.tv], you can buy great gifts from their wide assortment of “earth friendly gourmet, spa and rainforest baskets”.

Something Pretty:
Organic Bouquet [www.organicbouquet.com]

These beautiful arrangements are a great gift for the holidays, and they send the right message. Organic Bouquet’s lovely flower arrangements are all organic [www.sundance.tv], promoting a healthy environment [www.sundance.tv].

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Ideas
Holiday Recipe:
Glogg Recipe [www.organicvalley.coop]
Going to a holiday party? Don’t bring the regular egg nog. Spice things up a bit and impress your friends with your own homemade Swedish glogg.

Homemade Gifts:
Garden and Hearth: Homemade Gifts from the Heart [www.gardenandhearth.com]
Don’t know what to buy someone this holiday? Try making a gift from items you already have. It’s personal, creative and ecological [www.sundance.tv]
. Garden and Hearth has great homemade gift projects for you to get your hands on.