Environmental Universities

Being green [] is very much a moral decision. There is often no immediate benefit besides knowing you are doing the right thing. This all changes if you are interested in making a green []career for yourself. Virtually every major university and quite a few specialty schools have entire departments dedicated to environmental [] sciences. Many companies are interested in hiring people with experience in green [] areas. A few examples of this would be green [] business degrees, green [] architecture degrees, green [] chemistry degrees and of course every type of green [] home construction.

Perhaps you want to begin a post-graduate degree, or you have kids or friends who are interested in obtaining green [] credentials, then you should definitely check out a list of green [] educational programs.

Check out this list of degrees [].

Princeton University also created a workshop on green [] careers that contains a little bit more structure and in-depth information. You can find it here [].

As always, if anybody reading this knows of other great educational institutions then please consider adding them to the Eco-mmunity Map.