Survey Says: 61% Of People Willing To Pay Carbon Tax

The BBC World Service conducted a survey recently that tried to assess how people from all around the world would react to various methods for raising funds for environmental work. Two main things people were asked about were supplemental income taxes for environmental cleanup or a carbon tax [] on the use of energy. Less than 5% of the surveyed people favorably viewed an income tax system while an overwhelming 61% of people felt that a carbon tax [] on energy use was fair. The carbon tax [] also seems fair from a rational point of view, since an income tax system would provide no incentive for people to conserve energy and to reduce the amount of waste they produce. With a carbon tax [] system, people with green homes and who buy green products would be able to save more money because they would be actively using less energy and resources in their daily lives.

A carbon tax [] on energy seems to be shaping up as the option which many people would support, while flat green taxes [] on income would be accepted by few. What do you think about this? Would you pay carbon tax [] on energy? What alternative fund raising solutions might you propose to solve the environmental problems?

You can also find a lively discussion of carbon tax [] at Washington Post Online [].