Reversing Climate Change Can Start In Your Mailbox

The endless products stocking the shelves of the world require industry to extract mountains of natural resources. Junk mail is very similar in that it can create enormous piles in your mailbox while simultaneously requiring a large amount of wood, water, energy and chemicals to make. If there was a company that specialized in stopping the annoyance that is junk mail, would you be interested? Since ending your flow of junk mail creates a healthier planet, GreenDimes provides a rare service which combines convenience and philanthropy.

Pankaj Shah, CEO of GreenDimes

Very recently, Sundance Channel’s Eco-mmunity joined forces with GreenDimes, because eradicating junk mail is a green choice where an individual can make a real difference for the environment. Eco-mmunity is all about empowering people with easy ways of make a positive impact on the world. If you are ready to sign up now, make sure to click here [] for a special discount on ending your junk mail. Otherwise, read on and discover great stories about how GreenDimes made people happy.

Here are some testimonials from current customers of GreenDimes

“I normally don’t send emails out like this, but I have been impressed with this service. These guys provide a service that reduces your junk mail (credit card applications, magazines, etc). I was tired of getting that stuff in the mail, so I signed up on Oct 10. This past Friday and Saturday, my mail was reduced to almost nothing. Anyway, for the $15 one-time fee I’ve been pretty impressed. No more shredding credit card applications and throwing out magazines.” – Member, Huntsville, AL

“You not only save tons of paper and other resources, but you make people like me feel they’re doing something to help, aside from riding a bike, driving a Prius, recycling, and trying to reuse whenever possible. Marching to my laptop with the latest catalogue to key them in makes my day better.” – Member, San Francisco, CA

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love your service! We had 3 days with NO mail last week. It was SO great! I have been telling everyone about your website & hope to give memberships as Christmas gifts this year.” – Member, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Here are a few situations where GreenDimes can change your life.

• GreenDimes can be of great benefit to elderly parents – who have a difficult time keeping up with the high volume of junk mail (and also tend to respond to pieces like sweepstakes, often spending more than they should)

• GreenDimes’ services can be gifted 24/7 – we see gifts increase substantially on Christmas Eve as members make last-minute gifting decisions and can print out a gift membership right from their computer.

• Members write how they add names of past apartment tenants and homeowners to their GreenDimes list and we wipe out annoying junk mail on their behalf as well.

GreenDimes makes it easy to get rid of your junk mail. We hope all members of Eco-mmunity will take advantage of the special discounted price available at the Sundance Channel & GreenDimes Impact Counter Webpage [].