Green Is Universal + New Eco-Doc

Sundance Channel Signs On For NBC Universal’s “Green Is Universal” – A Weeklong Eco Programming Initiative November 4th through 10th.

Sundance Channel is proud to be a part of this week’s flurry of programming around all-environmental topics. Green Is Universal on Sundance Channel will consist of nightly showings of IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN and BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET. Interspersed through these two shows will be Sundance Channel’s acclaimed show ECOISTS.

In the words of Sundance Channel’s CEO, Larry Aidem “Sundance Channel is extremely proud to be part of NBC Universal’s ‘Green is Universal’ initiative; it is critical to continue to raise public awareness around environmental issues and the more avenues there are to access information, the better, especially through entertainment.”

Sundance Channel will also be unveiling a new Eco-documentary Tuesday night at 9:35PM as part of our GREEN programming block. RADIANT CITY looks at a typical American suburb through the eyes of a family that has been living there. The documentary talks about the unhealthy environmental conditions one can be exposed to in a suburb, and especially ones where the houses are mass produced from cheap materials and is built upon a habitat that was recently terraformed. For instance, if an old landfill is covered over by a few feet of insulators and topsoil, is that a healthy place for a town?

Is it hard to distinguish yourself in the suburbs? Perhaps life in the suburbs is better than that? Let us know what you think after viewing this clip by commenting on this blog post.

Make sure to check out Sundance Channel’s Green Is Universal WEB PAGE