Entertaining Greenzine News and Challenging Eco Quiz

Understanding the importance of saving the world from global warming is important, but that does not mean you will have fun being green. Sundance Channel wants “being green” to be a fun process and therefore, we try to present environmental information in new and exciting formats.

You already know about Sundance Channel’s new weekly programming block THE GREEN [www.sundance.tv]. Shows like BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET explore the personalities and innovative strategies of cutting edge businesses that are tackling green issues in excitingly new ways. ECOISTS portrays candid interviews of celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Daryl Hannah, Ben Harper and others as they ask motivating questions about humanities’ role in assuring a healthy environment.

The fun begins On Air but continues on Sundance Channel Website. When you sign up as a member of Sundance Channel, you can also get the Greenzine [www.sundance.tv], a fun collection of stories and opinions that you can only find on Sundance Channel. You will receive a couple Greenzine issues each month, so you can be sure the fun will be lasting.

If you are looking to test your knowledge of environmental info, then take the Green Quiz [www.sundance.tv], a fun activity full of zany pictures and quotes.

Now that you have entertained yourself with all this green information, and have already learned some techniques to reduce your carbon footprint, check out Sundance Channel’s Green E-cards. Send one of your friends a silly or serious note using our colorful online Green E-card [www.sundance.tv].

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