Eco-Map Improvement: Slideshow Feature

Sundance Channel’s Eco-mmunity Map has just gotten better. A new feature called “Marker Slideshows” has gone live on the Eco-mmunity Map. This feature creates a slideshow out of any list of markers. You can generate a list of markers by going to one of Eco-mmunity’s preselected groups or you can search the map with keywords and display the search results as a slideshow. To get to the preselected marker slideshows, click the “Map Marker Group” tab on the main map page.

We encourage everyone to experiment with map searches and to check out how cool the slideshows can be. You can also use the map marker groups as a source of inspiration when you are thinking about what map marker to add to Eco-mmunity map. For instance, if you live nearby an gourmet organic restaurant, then you should make a green business marker for it. Then Eco-mmunity editors can put that marker into the “select green foods” map marker group.

To get you started, here are some easy links to get started with the new slideshow feature. You will have to click the play slideshow button that appears next to the marker list screen in the lower right side of the Eco-mmunity map screen.

Green Holiday Gifts []

Select Green Foods []

New and Noteworthy []