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Avoid Indoor Air Pollution in Your Home

The air inside our homes can be pretty bad for us, as we talked about yesterday, but what to do? We’ve learned a few tricks to keep the air inside your home fresh, clean, and toxin-free. Take a look and breathe easier.

1) A collection of the right plants can help filter your air from inside.
2) Keep volatile organic compounds (VOCs) out of your home; when you re-paint, only use [url=]low- or no-VOC paints
3) Regularly check and clean your home’s air filter [] so it can do its job well.

4) Furniture and other furnishings can bring a lot of baddies into your home. Greenguard-certified seating [] and furniture like the Steelcase’s Think chair [] and Haworth’s Zody chair [] won’t contribute nasty stuff to your air. Our pals at Q Collection [] are also working hard to improve our indoor air quality, both with their furniture [] and
[brand-new collection of furniture and accessories for kids called [url=url=]Q Collection Junior[/url] (pictured above).
5) You can’t keep all the bad stuff out, so portable air cleaners [] can help remove some of the nasty stuff that’s already in your home.
6) When it comes to heating and lighting, both wood and pellet stoves [] and scented candles [] can have a significant impact on the indoor air quality in your home.

7) Your cleaning products can also have a big impact on indoor air quality; we recommend non-toxic cleaners like Seventh Generation (and we also recommend their book []); check out our How to Green Your Cleaning [] for more tips on cleaning green.
8) Lastly, a super-green option is the Green Light [] (pictured above), a slick gadget that combines solar power, LED lighting and plants to help improve your indoor air quality and support alternative and green technologies at the same time.