Waste Management Plans to Open 60 Landfill Gas Plants

Waste Management operates a vast quantity of landfills across America, many of them sanitary landfills which are much better for the environment than traditional dumps. During September, Waste Management has announced that they will be retrofitting 60 of their landfills landfills into landfill gas to electricity plants. This initiative does prevent some pollution and is more efficient at producing electricity than traditional turbine power plants. In fact, the process produces 40% less greenhouse gas pollution than coal or fossil fuel electricity plants.

This plan is a no-brainer for the massive waste collection company, as they can reduce landfill operation costs by producing their own electricity and they can also sell excess energy back through the grid. Waste Management is additionally experimenting on how they can convert landfill gases and other waste matter into a liquid fuel that they can use in their giant fleet of garbage trucks. It should not be terribly difficult for the company because most garbage trucks are using diesel engines, and any fuel created from landfill waste would most likely require a multi-fuel engine. If some process is arrived at, the technology could probably be sold across the world, a further incentive for WM to forge ahead with this latest renewable energy project.

Check out the WM website [www.wm.com] for more details on their renewable energy projects.