Wal-Mart Greens Their Supply Chain

Wal-Mart is an enormous chain of stores that allows a person to buy virtually anything under the sun at low prices. It is no wonder that this position in the American marketplace gives Wal-Mart a tremendous ability to influence the manufacturers of their products.

Wal-Mart has started to use the quantity of products that they purchase as a bargaining chip to demand that manufacturers implement conservation and sustainability strategies in their factories. This tactic is beginning to work because these manufacturers cannot afford to lose Wal-Mart as a customer. Because going green often involves large, up-front costs, it makes the transition easier to swallow when those costs are compared to the huge orders Wal-Mart makes with these companies.

If you are running a toothpaste distribution company, it lowers the cost of business to sell half your monthly inventory to Wal-Mart, even if they do force you to install CFL light bulbs on your assembly lines and use cleaner burning biodiesel fuels in your shipping fleet.

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