The US Government Creates One Environmental Victory!

Sometimes it is necessary to focus on promising and hope-inspiring news stories, especially since the majority of environmental news stories are about doom and gloom. Recently, there has been a major victory for all Americans as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) managed to get the giant energy company American Electric Power to settle an eight year-long court case. The settlement is planned to cost the utility company $4.6 billion once all the chips are on the table. This settlement deals with 16 coal plants that were releasing unsafe levels of pollution. The fine will go towards cleaning up some of the pollution from these coal processing facilities as well as in updating the machinery with new regulatory devices.

At this time in the world’s history, these types of cases are really important in terms of setting landmark precedents. Without a healthy fear of being punished for criminally polluting the world, there is nothing keeping companies from poisoning the air, water and earth. There is far too much commerce and need for energy in the world for investigators to be keeping tabs on all operations, and it has become clear that “the honor code” is not sufficient to insure a healthy environment. Therefore, we must make examples of companies like American Electric Power if we are to insure compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Wherever you are living in the world, chances are you might be near a power plant or a large industrial complex. If you notice any environmental problems that may be related to these types of operations, then we encourage you to comment on this blog post and/or make a “Green Action Needed” map marker on the Eco-mmunity Map. Then make sure to send your friends an E-card with a link to your map marker. You can get this link by clicking the “grab link” button on the display of any map marker.