North America's First Green Theme Park

Disneyland and Six Flags are going to have some competition in 2011 when Earthpark, an environmentally themed entertainment park will open its doors on Earth Day. Children, adults and students will fill this new type of theme park and will observe a fully working model of many types of habitats on Earth. If global warming continues, this may be one of the last places that people will be able to see the natural (undamaged) functioning of these habitats. The Earthpark will have many different bio-domes, where the temperature will be carefully controlled for the respective habitats that each dome contains. This facility is based on the various Biosphere projects of the past but will be much larger in scope.

There will be educational programs run out of the Earthpark as well as retail spaces for natural products and sustainable goods. There will be a large Green Hotel operating nearby, so that visitors can stay for as long as they like, thereby allowing for a true educational process to ensue.

Maxon Holdings LLC (Maxon), a leading energy and environmental development company, has recently agreed to fund Earthpark with a $10 million investment. The non-profit educational theme park has also announced that it will be employing eBay’s Giving Works program to generate funds from eBay users.

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