Less is More: In Your Home

If less really is the new more, we all need strategies and examples to embrace this simplified way of living; there’s no reason we all need to go live in yurts to achieve this (unless that’s your thing; we certainly wouldn’t stop you). Here are some of TreeHugger’s favorite ways to embrace the “less is more” lifestyle.

Furniture & Interiors:
1) The Trey Chair [www.treehugger.com] (pictured above) is a great example of a simple home furnishing — a chair — that does double or triple-duty with a few simple transformations. It’s a chair, a desk, an ottoman, all in one.
2) Transforming furniture is also another great way to get more from less; why use two different pieces when you can have just one? This compact ottoman-bed combination [www.treehugger.com] is a good example.
3) Sometimes you don’t need shape-shifting furniture to get it done; when furniture is thoughtfully designed, sometimes all you need to do is just rotate it, like with Tona [www.treehugger.com], which is a chair and two tables, all in one.
4) Murphy beds are also a great space-saving, living-with-less design idea. Here’s a great implementation [www.treehugger.com] that incorporates a bed, a desk and a closet, all in one.

In the Kitchen:
5) In the home, the kitchen is often the gathering place, but what if you don’t have much space? Not to worry, things like the Instant Kitchen [www.treehugger.com] (pictured above) help keep you functional while using a minimal amount of space.
6) The Shed/Shelf [www.treehugger.com] is a smart space-saver, which can store an entire kitchen in something not much more than a box. Not only handy for storage, it offers an interesting critique/commentary on stuff and the notion of what we really all “need” to live.
7) Something like Splat [www.treehugger.com] is a great example of why we like flat-pack. It pops up, from a two-dimensions to three, to create temporary storage for your drying dishes; when the dishes are dry, put them away, and the dishrack can go with them.

Livin’ Large:
8) There’s an entire holiday dedicated to this idea now, called Discardia [www.treehugger.com], that’s a cyclical, floating holiday (it happens several times per year) designed to celebrate letting go.
9) Here’s a great example of how you can really do more with less: live in a 250 square-foot home [www.treehugger.com] (pictured above). It sounds pretty cozy, but it’s more spacious than you’d think.
10) 250 is pretty good, but that’s nothing compared to this woman’s home [www.treehugger.com], which is so well-designed that she lives happily in 84 square feet.