Japan Leads on Battery Research

Reducing domestic transportation pollution created by cars is a great way to clean up roughly 40% of the greenhouse gas pollution in the world. In order to ensure that pollution emissions go down, current technologies point to one glaring problem: there is no cheap, modern battery technology that is ready for mass production. The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association realizes just how serious the situation is and they are investing millions in research and development to see if they can come up with a new battery to fuel a new breed of Japanese cars.

Having the biggest stake in the American auto market, Japan has vested interests in developing a new battery-driven car (hopefully one you can plug in too). This truth becomes apparent when you consider that Japan is a small country that must import 100 percent of the oil they use in transportation. Before you scoff at the idea of an electric car, remember that the Tesla Roadster can knock the socks off a modern gas-guzzling Ferrari in terms of acceleration and can reach a maximum top speed over 100 mph.

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