Greening Your Pets

Ah, the pitter patter of four-legged feet as they whip through your living room at overclocked speeds or uproot your prize gladiolas with manic fervor. But Snookiepuss and Mrs. Fluffypants are practically family, right? So why should they settle for anything less than top drawer when their health and wellbeing are at stake? Throw the planet a bone while you’re at it; check out the best of TreeHugger for advice on how to green your pet and reduce your pets’ carbon paw prints — without making your wallet roll over and play dead.

) For pet playthings, look no further than a scratching post made from recycled cardboard [] and toys made from recycled materials [] and filled with organic catnip.
) To help your pets relax in green style, check out this cardboard lounger [] and these slightly more substantial wooden pieces [].
) Swheat Scoop [] wheat-based cat litter is made without clays and chemicals, and is fragrance-free and biodegradable. It’s even flushable.
) If you’re out and about when your pet does the deed, we like Oops, I Pooped [], the clever biodegradable pet-waste bags.

) Not to be weird about it, but we’ve really had to stand drop-jawed about the awesome power of poo [], as with San Francisco’s pilot project (the nation’s first) to turn dog poo into clean fuel [] by way of methane digesters.
) Dogs and cats aren’t the only TreeHugging pets, though; a Seattle Councilman wants to allow keeping goats as pets in the city [], to be used as petroleum-free lawnmowers and weed-wackers.
) While we’re at it, why not have a chicken or two as a pet []?
) If you’ve got a hamster (or other small caged rodent) be sure it earns its keep by helping you charge your cell phone [].

) In the same vein, teach your dog to mush with the dog-powered scooter [] for some fun, emissions-free transportation.
) When your pooch or other pet it all worn out, put ‘em to bed on a Hemcore bed [], animal bedding made from the inner core the hemp-plant stem.
) If mushing isn’t your dogs’ favorite thing, get some eco-friendly doggie travel gear [] from Planet Dog so they can travel with you in green style.