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Green Pets: By the Numbers

An any pet owner will tell you, having a furry friend or two is about more than having something to warm your lap; pets actually do help improve our quality of life. The truth lies inside the numbers.

75 — percent less likely that kids who have two or more pets will develop allergies later in life.

28 — percent of heart patients who were also pet owners who survived serious heart attacks.

6 — percent of heart patients who weren’t pet owners that survived serious heart attacks.

39 million — the number of birds killed by domestic cats each year, just in Wisconsin. Circle of life…

5,500 — the number of puppies and kittens (compared to 415 human babies) born every hour in the United States.

3 – 4 million — the number of homeless cats and dogs euthanized by shelter workers each year, sadly.

10 million — the amount of waste created by American dogs and cats each year, in tons. The solution? Get a pet-waste composter [www.plantea.com] so it doesn’t all end up embalmed in plastic bags forever, or left in the yard to wash into the sewer the next time it rains.

101 — in addition to the number of Dalmations, it’s the number of ways you can further green your pet; check our here [www.greenpet.com], here [greatgreenpet.com] and here [www.thegreenguide.com] for more ideas.