Green For All

Van Jones is a journalist and an activist. Normally people would associate his work with civil rights and human rights, but since Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize, we have seen some evidence that these issues are inextricably connected to the green movement. Issues of poverty, lifestyle and carbon footprint all contribute to a person’s ability to affect the world positively. Civil rights problems, fewer employment options and growing poverty in America are also promoted by less access to natural resources like clean water, healthy foods and energy sources.

Mr. Jones directs the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, where he works tirelessly to secure jobs for young kids from poor neighborhoods. The hope is to create a life for these young kids who otherwise end up in dead end careers like “pimp”, “gang member” or “drug dealer”. While this endeavor continues in earnest, Van Jones has recently decided to pursue a specific type of job prospect for the youth of America. Mr. Jones has officially launched his campaign, called “Green For All”, and the Ella Baker Center is running the initiative.

The initiative has been self-described by the Ella Baker Center as a “Green-Collar Jobs Campaign”. The idea is to provide job training for the poverty stricken section of the American populace, especially the young people. By training these young people to install windmills, solar panels, create biofuels locally and to weatherize houses, the Green For All campaign will be raising up the most hard-pressed and depressed section of the American population while simultaneously insuring that America can distinguish herself as a leader among nations who care about preventing climate change.

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Make sure that you visit the Green For All Website [] and find out how you can take part in the initiative or to help provide funding.