Global Warming: "Greatest Threat to Security"?

While the pentagon has released troubling reports that outline the politically destabilizing effects of global warming, the Ministry of Defence in the UK has recently commissioned climate change experts to identify areas on the globe where global warming could spark conflict and security threats. An example of global warming creating a war could be if a major river in the middle-east dried up. This would limit water resources and create mass drought and health concerns. All the nearby countries that previously depended on these bodies of water would be very much inclined to go to war and seize new water assets. This could very quickly turn into a World War III scenario.

Another example in which global warming might spark conflict could conversely come from new resources. Imagine a temperature increase that made Siberia one of the most bountiful and productive agricultural regions in the world. How many countries would fight over this kind of land, especially considering how other farm areas that are currently in temperate zones would become desert like and barren in this scenario.

Part of this report will also deal with recommendations from climate scientists on how to mitigate some of the ‘global warming disaster’ scenarios. It will be interesting to follow this report and to see what kind of governmental programs the scientists will suggest to mediate the extent of security threats and also whether any truly preventative measures can be hypothesized. Hopefully these measures will not include a loss of civil liberties.