Designer Spotlight: Henry Hall Designs' Pure Collection

Made from eco-sensible plantation-grown teak, Henry Hall Designs’ Pure Collection [] have classic good looks that will keep your backyard looking fine, while resting easy that your furniture hasn’t contributed to biodiversity loss in Indonesia; you don’t need unpleasant thoughts like that mucking up your summer of relaxation, right? The “Pure Sofa”, pictured below, is complemented by a variety of tables, which also work with some of their individual chairs, like the “Pure Stacking” chair, further on down.

Teak is a great outdoor wood, since its density leads to great durability that stands up to weather and moisture well; since it’s plantation-grown — that is, planted with the purpose of harvesting for wood, rather than slashed-n-burned from a virgin forest — you know that your beautiful furniture hasn’t unnecessarily harmed our fragile planet. Henry Hall has earned a Forest Stewardship Council certification (more about that here []) for their Pure Collection; this distinction is especially significant, given the ramifications of unsustainable [] and even some reclaimed [] teak. More often than not, teak is not a green choice; the Pure Collection is a notable exception. Learn more about Henry Hall Designs [] at their website.