Designer Spotlight: Contraforma’s MW Series

We like it when design tells a story. It’s one of the ways that we, as consumers, can make a more mindful connection to our stuff; when there’s something more to it than just a table you picked up at the mega-mall, you connect to that piece, and it gives you a reason to hold on to it, to cherish it, and to share its story with others. When that story is a green one, as with Contraforma’s new MW Series, it’s a double bonus: you want to keep it forever and it’s a solid green choice.

Contraforma’s new MW Collection [] does a really nice job mating the new and innovative with traditional materials; the frames are made of powder coated, laser-cut metal combined with 100 year-old reclaimed wood. We love the way the reclaimed wood works with the steel, and the patina that lends real character to the pieces.

Originating in a Lithuanian wood house, the material comes with a story and history that you just can’t find in virgin materials. The wood is already a century old, with such classic, timeless design, we wouldn’t be surprised if it lasts another. Get the whole story from Contraforma [].