Check Out The "Energy Star Home Advisor" at the EPA

There has been a lot of grumbling about the US governments seemingly sluggish response to the world wide climate crisis occurring in today’s world. While it is important to demand leadership and excellence on environmental issues, it is also important to applaud and support the government when it partakes in initiatives that could actually produce really positive results. The EPA is really beginning to start some great programs on their website. One of these programs is a new function of the EPA website called the Energy Star Home Advisor.

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The “Energy Star Home Advisor,” allows Americans to type in information about their geographic locations and the types of energy solutions they have in their home. The Advisor then searches its database of tips that specifically relate to the information entered by the citizen. This feature provides tips, links to specific products that save money and finishes with a chart of percentages that list energy savings. This chart includes “Your potential total energy savings”, “Your potential electricity savings”, “Your potential fuel savings”, and “Your carbon emission reduction potential”.

If every American supported this new feature on the EPA website, it might prompt the EPA to continue to upgrade this cool little program. Praise can sometimes keep the conveyor belt of goodness rolling. Make sure to check out the Energy Star Home Advisor [].

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