Bush Administration Fails to Release Global Warming Report

The Bush administration has been admonished twice in 2007 by federal judges. The first ruling that condemned the administration’s environmental policies was about vehicular pollution. A federal judge stated that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted from vehicle tailpipes were pollutants subject to federal regulation. One can only wonder why the federal government would think that they could ignore the release of pollution, but it probably has something to do with the economy or keeping large mechanical manufacturers from requiring subsidies to refit their factories. This ruling is a great victory for the environmental movement because it takes away a rhetorical shield that polluters have been hiding behind for decades.

The second ruling that recently brought the Bush administration’s poor environmental stewardship into focus was the statement that the administration has violated a 2004 congressional deadline for presenting the latest scientific research about global warming to lawmakers and the public. The Clinton administration filed their global warming report on time in the year 2000. The Bush administration claims that they released multiple portions of reports that could be collectively thought of as the 2004 report. This claim was also rejected because those reports were not subject to public comment. It is frightening that any administration would choose to alter their compliance with a law and then, only after they were called out for their alterations, try to have the law changed so that their incorrect actions could be reinstated as the norm.

In this case, the judicial branch of the US government has definitely done their job well. Now we have to make sure that this report is actually completed and is not just swept under the nearest oval office rug a month from now.