Brazil Urges Africa to Adopt Biofuel Economy

Biofuel and biodiesel are currently being created and consumed in large quantities in Brazil. Cars are running on a mixture of biofuel and gasoline and the sale of ethanol is expected to rival that of gasoline by the year 2020. Part of the reason why Brazil is so successful in biofuel, ethanol and biodiesel production must surely stem from their vast forests and rich arable lands. However, there are other ways such as waste collection and processing that can allow an economy without this amount of arable land to create biofuels.

With the sustainable and renewable nature of the biofuel industry in mind, Brazil’s President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is touring Africa and exhorting it’s leaders to take a look at the success of biofuels in his country. Is this a path out of the poverty and dictatorships that have wracked the social and political prosperity of Africa for generations? Is a biofuel economy a way to allow Africa to safely develop the nation into a first world country? Can global warming be mitigated at the same time as the economy in Africa can create new jobs and new businesses? Is there a way for communities to sell or process their locally produced organic waste and thereby provide an abundance of fuels for the biofuel economy?

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