The Pope Campaigns to "Save Creation"

Pope Benedict the XVI attended a “Save Creation Day” rally in Loreto, Italy, where hundreds of thousands of catholics waited to hear his prayers. His message to the audience and the world at large was one of conservation, charity and peace. The Pope seemed to state that spirituality can be strengthened, if not created by a strong bond with nature.

The Pope also exhorted young people to resist the lures of modern consumerism and fleeting pleasures. There certainly is an interesting connection between a rampant consumer market and a lack of natural resource conservation, since a constant stream of resources is needed to fuel the production lines of the free market. Perhaps the Pope was suggesting that if you are happy with fewer material objects in your life (and more spiritual activities), then there would be less demand for the harvesting of natural resources. This would in turn put less strain on the environment and would mean that the life system on the planet would be better off than it is now.

Perhaps the most heartwarming fact about this rally was that the whole event was made carbon neutral by planting trees in fire ravaged southern Italy, which suffered terribly in Summer wildfires. Additionally, all the people in the crowd were given recycling bags to separate all of their trash as well as hand cranked cell phone chargers. In addition to this, the Pope wore a green tinged golden robe for the event.

The Catholic Church has been making an effort to become sustainable themselves. Recently the church installed solar panels on many church buildings, hoping to set an example in sustainability.