National Governors Association (NGA) Pursues Clean Energy

In an attempt to satisfy their constituents, and in what appears to be a genuine support of green, Governors from across the country have announced “The Securing a Clean Energy Future” initiative. It outlines some concrete steps to make their states more energy efficient, more homegrown fuels and finally, less polluting. The aim for a 30% reduction of green house gas emission by 2016. The chief architects of state of the initiative are Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a Republican and current chair of the NGA, and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat.

It is encouraging to note that this is a bipartisan initiative, as this issue is clearly too important for ‘political touch football’. The project will be led by a task force of governors including three democrats and three republicans: from the left, Governors Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Brian Schweitzer of Montana, and Chris Gregoire of Washington; and from the right, Jodi Rell of Connecticut, Linda Lingle of Hawaii, and Charlie Crist of Florida.

Some primary elements of “Securing a Clean Energy Future”:

* Use existing energy resources more wisely through efficiency and conservation

* Promote non-petroleum based fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel

* Take “reasonable steps” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

* Accelerate the research and development of advanced, clean energy technologies

Securing a Clean Energy Future is happening now, in part, because the federal government has been dragging its heels on enacting important global warming prevention programs. The NGA hopes to instigate the federal government into following suite and initiating more programs and funding for global warming prevention. It looks as if the ploy is already working, as Energy Secretary Bodman attended the press conference announcement with the NGA and pledged $610,000 in federal money to support “Securing a Clean Energy Future”.