Going Green Behind the Wheel

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend wanderer, there are lots ways to green your car use, beyond taking the bus, hopping on your bike or simply not climbing behind the wheel as much. For the times when only four wheels, powered by internal combustion will do, here are TreeHugger’s favorite tips.

1) Going the speed limit [www.treehugger.com] is the “single most immediately effective thing you can do” to green your driving and it doesn’t matter if you drive a hybrid sedan or an SUV: the benefits are immediate and massively propagating. Seriously, there’s a reason that your Grandma gets better mileage than you do [www.treehugger.com].
2) Results of a study [www.treehugger.com] about greener driving concluded this: drivers need better data — like a real-time mileage readout — to drive more mindfully and cut back on gas consumption.
3) Proper tire inflation [www.treehugger.com] reduces rolling resistance and improves your gas mileage; some say inflating with nitrogen [www.treehugger.com] makes tires leak more slowly, and some say it doesn’t matter.

4) Gadgets like the solar-powered car vent [www.treehugger.com] can help keep you cool without having to flip the switch on the A/C and further tax your engine and reduce gas mileage.
5) We mentioned yesterday that you need to beware of new car smell: it’s toxic and air quality inside cars is often worse [www.treehugger.com] than outside. See where your car ranks [www.treehugger.com] and learn some tips for keeping toxics to a minimum in your car’s interior.
6) Our basic’s guides to electric cars [www.treehugger.com] and hybrid-electric cars [www.treehugger.com] have more info on driving greener for the burgeoning enthusiast.