Fold 'N Go With Folding Bicycles

TreeHugger has to be careful to contain itself when we get started talking about transportation by bicycle; in a perfect green world, everybody would do it, every day, and we think both the world and us as inhabitants would be better off for it. The world isn’t exactly a perfect one, sadly, and there are a few realities about the way that we as people live that prevent something like bicycle transportation from working very well on a day-to-day basis for many of us; near or at the top of this list is that bikes are hard to deal with when you’re not riding them. They’re bulky, awkward, difficult to take on public transit (like if you ride to the bus or train) and not a lot of fun to haul up the stairs when you get to your home or office. One design innovation is helping with this, though: the folding bicycle. Here are some of our favorites.

1) For a quick-hitting tour of the best of the best, check out our favorite folding bikes from A to B [], and read this interview [] with the founder of Brompton Bike, one of the folding two-wheelers we can enthusiastically recommend.
2) IKEA has caught on to the trend, giving its 9,000 U.K. employees a free folding bike [] that they can use to ride to work.
3) It’s not just about bikes; check out this space-saving folding helmet [] to complete the look.

4) The diminutive Mobiky Genius [] goes from bike to baggage in just 3 seconds, they say.
5) In the same vein, the A-Bike [] claims to be the world’s smallest and lightest folding bicycle.
6) The GrassHopper [] combines the comfort and easy rideability of a recumbent bike with the convenience of a folding bike.
7) We hear that the GoBike [] performs just like a regular bike, but folds up in a tidy little package to make it easier to take it where you can’t ride it.

) There are even a few that have combined the benefits of electric power [] with the slick functionality and convenience that comes with foldability; the eZee Quando [] and Panasonic’s TimeOff [] are a few of our faves.
) Looking to the future, the One [] and Locust [] (pictured below) are two of the concepts that take the folding bike to the next level; we’ve got our fingers crossed that they’ll make it to production one day soon.