Eco-mmunity Map Nominated for Pixel Award

The Eco-mmunity website has been nominated as one of the best Green related sites on the internet. While this news thrills all the people working behind the scenes at the Sundance Channel, the work and continuing enthusiasm of our Eco-mmunity members is the real reason why the Eco-mmunity Map is being honored with this nomination.

There is a user’s choice component to the award, so if any of you like the Eco-mmunity Map and want to see it’s work thrust even further into the limelight, then please visit the Pixelawards Website. []

On another note, the Sundance Channel Website as a whole is also nominated for Best Network Website. If you like what we do here at the Sundance Channel consider casting your votes for us.

Again, None of this would be possible without the feedback from all of our visitors and Eco-mmunity members, who are helping to make our website, and sometimes even the world, a better place.