Don't Just Flush it Down the Toilet

Okay, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. We’ve been talking all week in abstracts and numbers; let’s get serious about really saving water, right now.

1) Dual flush options help match the flush with the, uh, cargo. Caroma [] and numerous other options exist to fix you up; this Argentine toilet [] design lets the sink water do the flushing.
2) Here [] we have a link to a review of low-flow toilets To learn about test methodology for low-flow toilets (you’ll never guess) and the results of the rigorous trials, look here [] (with the test results here [] [pdf]).
3) Composting toilets that TreeHugger has lifted the lid on include the Bio-lux [], a pricey Japanese throne.

4) The Athena replacement handle [] saves water by controlling flush quantity.
5) Waterless urinals are made by many companies now, including Falcon [] and Waterless [], and look here [] for a case study of the water saving potential of flushless urinals — it’s huge!
6) The TwoFlush [] can turn any standard toilet into a dual flush fixture.

7) The Propelair [] uses some crazy vacuum action to flush itself.
8) Perhaps better than all of these — certainly easier — is the Athena replacement handle [] that saves water by controlling flush quantity.