Designer Spotlight: Team 7

TreeHugger never tires of finding examples of companies and designers that have discovered that there is a better way to do things. Safer, healthier materials, designs that will last for generations and manufacturing that considers the planet and its people are all hallmarks of this “better way” and the latest example we’ve found is Austria-based Team 7 [].

Their wide variety of classically-inspired modern furnishings is made largely with wood, which all comes from sustainably-certified forests; when it comes to manufacturing, the company has earned the Austrian Ecological Quality Certification for their ecologically-friendly production practices. Because they’re concerned with indoor air quality, minimizing harmful off-gassing, and keeping toxics out of their furniture, only very low-VOC finishes are used, and PVC is not allowed — go [ur=]here[/url] for more details on their sustainable production practices.

As for the various collections, they’re beautifully modern; sleek and warm without being overdone. Our favorite might be “Magnun” (pictured above), but they’re all worth peeking at, at least. They’ve also got an extensive living room, kitchen, kids, and bedroom collection, all with their top-notch ethics and sustainability from top to bottom.