Designer Spotlight: ModGreenPod

With the goal of taking “organic” from hippie to hip — something that TreeHugger loves and tries to do a little bit each day — ModGreenPod [] was founded by sisters-in-law Nancy and Lisa Mims because they loved swank design and sustainable goods, but they couldn’t find anything that combined the two; refusing to choose one over the other, they created their own company to produce organic cotton upholstery and textiles and vinyl-free wallpaper. Their growing number of designs are whimsical, sophisticated, colorful and modern — everything we like textile design to be — while upholding extremely high environmental standards for the company.

All of the designs are silk-screened by hand, so color, medium and design can all be mixed and matched. Mod Green Pod’s wallpapers are printed with water-based inks and unlike most wallpapers, are finished without a coating of vinyl. They’ve made a splash on the sustainable design scene by putting a modern twist on the damask, a baroque classic, and for their ingenious use of color combinations that’s vibrant without being overdone. They source their plain cotton canvas from a company that is a certified organic cotton fabric producer. The organic certification enforces not just strict rules to prohibit toxic chemicals from entering the process, but it also ensures that fair wages and safe working conditions are provided for everyone involved in the farming and post-harvest production.

The fabrics are hand silk-screened on tables by skilled artisans in New England, using low-impact, water-based inks. The fabrics are then mechanically finished without chemicals. Says designer Nancy Mims, “One of our major goals is to educate consumers about the importance of choosing organic cotton products over conventional cotton. Conventional cotton represents but three percent of the world’s crops, yet it’s doused with 25% of all pesticides and 11% of all herbicides. We find this shocking and wish to push this message along to customers who may be unaware of this fact.”

The latest from the design duo is the aptly named Sprout collection (pictured above), which furthers their established aesthetic with new colors and updated designs, is named for the designers’ own children: Lisa Mims’ newborn Adelaide and Nancy Mims’ six-year-old daughter Clara and newborn Atticus. Learn more about “the Pod” at their website [] and stay tuned for more from this up-and-coming outfit.