Designer Spotlight: Celery Furniture

All this week, we’ve been talking about a few of the ways that parents and kids can make the world a healthier, greener place. Lots of these ethics are embodied in the work of Celery Furniture, a hip, modern collection of furniture that combines great green ethics with a sleek, cool aesthetic. If you want to raise your kids to embrace TreeHugging ideals (but still look good), you could do a lot worse than this gorgeous stuff.

Built by parents, for kids, Celery Furniture [] was born from the seemingly natural idea to produce a healthy line of furniture for the nursery that would appeal to the parents’ aesthetic and nurture a child’s need for comfort and fun. Exhibiting a timeless quality, with a nod to time-honored craft and executed from a contemporary perspective, form truly follows function on the line of modern furniture and playthings that are built to withstand years of childhood play and are green from the inside out.

Everything at Celery, from the rocking pony above to the non-rocking crib at left, is made either from (the old TreeHugger favorite) bamboo [] or formaldehyde-free MDF (medium density fiberboard), and finished with low-VOC paint and finishes; they are as concerned with using healthy, earth-friendly, kid-friendly materials as they are about creating really useful, thoughtful, modern design. Also included in the Lullaboo collection are things like a rocking horse (a larger version of the pony) and several cradles to go with the cribs; if you’re an adult and like their style, stay tuned for “Pause”, a line of grown-up furniture coming soon. A list of dealers can be found at their website [].