Can Going Green Reduce Terrorism?

Today marks a very sad event in American history. Many lost lives and heroic sacrifices are being remembered across America. The sacredness of life and the enduring human spirit are a big part of today’s memorial events. The need to honor the noble people lost on this fateful day is as much a remembrance of their lives as it is a need prevent an attack like 9/11 from ever happening again.

Safeguarding America from terrorist attacks has primarily resulted in a strategy of prevention, with tight airport security and a restructuring of the intelligence cooperation and information gathering done by America’s finest defenders. While these efforts are tremendously important and should continue, America should also consider how it can reduce or eliminate the causes of terrorism. This is where going green can be a remedy for some of these causes.

Similarly to the memorials of 9/11, going green honors the importance of life and the human right to lead a healthy and safe existence on this planet. Going green requires that all people on the planet have access to clean water, nourishing food, pollution free transportation, a quality educational system and a safe community to call home. Making sure that these basic necessities of life exist in poor and water-parched geographic areas like the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and many others could help to reduce the number of people who are radicalized. If the many families within a community have access to water, food, education, safety and transportation, then becoming a suicide bomber means that you are sacrificing all of these things, in addition to the fact that you are abandoning your family to become a martyr. Conversely, if you and your family have nothing to look forward to each day but misery and unrequited needs, then one has nothing to lose.

If there is more support and purchase of products from sustainable companies, then there are more capital resources for these companies to expand their businesses throughout all the communities of the world. This will create a ripple effect of positivity that will improve daily life in many places where getting through a day in one piece is currently an accomplishment in and of itself. Therefore, it can be theorized that being green is in fact an effective remedy to many of the causes of terrorism.

When you plant a tree, recycle a bottle, teach someone how to irrigate water, donate money to international improvement funds or raise your children to care about sustainability, you are in fact also helping to reduce global injustice and destruction.