California Leads the Charge to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

The increasing concern about global warming has put pressure on all states to change their habits, though taking the first initiative can be difficult. California is taking that step forward by passing a bill that will require immediate efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally conscious goals have been made official in California. By 2020, California’s plan is to downsize greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent, reducing the annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2.8 million metric tons (Environment News Service – Newswire).

California, led by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is setting a standard by taking action to keep environmental disruption under control, and in doing so, receiving the respect of others. Not only has the governor gained the support of Prime Minister Tony Blair on his efforts to stop global warming, but other notables, such as Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson, are actually seeking to aid the governor in his state’s efforts.

In the passing of this bill, the California Air Resources Board requires immediate action to develop a plan by 2009 indicating exactly how the goals will be reached. This will be followed by the official regulations in 2011.

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