Baby Stuff Part II

To say that parenting, like any new activity, requires a bit of a learning curve is an a big, big understatement. There are piles of books, resources and ideas about the proper way in which to bring up baby; the sheer volume of it all can be quite overwhelming, and the same is now true for green parenting []. It’s a jungle out there, and sometimes you just want someone who’s been through it to give you advice that hasn’t necessarily been tested in a laboratory or published in a medical journal. For those looking for a little home-grown, word-of-mouth advice for raising your kids green, we have you covered.

For starters, we can recommend a newly minted series from our pals over at Grist [], who are doing a nice job of covering all the bases — from newborns to school-agers — with a good mix of research and staff and expert advice. Get started with this handy healthy guide for pregnancy []; once your little bundle of joy has arrived, take a peek at their staff and reader recommendations and pictures [] for a general gist of what fun you’re in for. “Which concerns should you lose sleep over, and which ones can you ignore (or at least push off till next week)? What’s the best way to balance the health of your children and the health of the environment?” They have the answers to this and more, and are still populating (so to speak) the series with new content, so check back often over the next week or so.

For more of a “straight from the horses’ mouth”-type approach, try “Green Parenting: Living La Vida Verde in Megalopoland []”. The blog, written by “MaGreen” and “GreenDaddy,” chronicles the lives of two burgeoning parents and their little one — BabyG, to readers, though more of a toddler, really — about the various trials and tribulations of green living for the new family. Product reviews, meditations on consumption, difficulties when traveling…the list is quite well-rounded and the whole collection is easy and fun to read. Want to know what it’s really like? This is the place for you.

For further blog-type reading, also take a peek at The Seattle Times’ green parenting blog [], and if you prefer to listen rather than read, there’s a gaggle of green parenting podcasts [] out there as well. They’re the future of the world; might as well make ‘em green!