Baby Stuff

As TreeHugger contributors Kenny [] and George [] know first-hand, having little TreeHuggers changes the your world in 1000 ways; by the looks of it, almost all those changes are good, but it does require a new way of approaching and dealing with the world. Here are some TreeHugger tips for starting out your new life as a parent.

1) For starters, take a spin through our How to Green Your Baby [] guide for bringing up baby with a nod toward the green.
2) The “Diary of a Pregnant Man?” [] Yep, it’s true (sort of); check out The Green Parent, a UK-based magazine describing itself as “the green lifestyle magazine for the whole family,” for more tips.
3) Another focused, helpful guide can be found here [], courtesy of E/The Environmental Magazine.
4) Learn to talk baby talk with this handful of resources [] for the green-leaning parent.

5) If wrapping your babe in swaddling clothes isn’t doing it for you, check out Aravore Babies [] cute, hand-knit collection of pure organic cotton that come with a heart-warming, TreeHugger-style story.
6) Sage Baby [] can help hook you up with baby-friendly, healthy products for raising an eco-friendly kid, one step at a time.
7) Avalon Organics (pictured above) can help you keep your little one clean [], in more ways than one.
8) When it comes to getting your little one around, we answered a reader question [] about finding a non-toxic baby stroller.