The Eco-mmunity Map Needs Your Help

Sundance Channel’s Eco-mmunity Map is now a few weeks old. The process of bringing this environmental reform tool into existence was long and arduous. While a rest might be nice, the clock is ticking on planet earth and more must be done to improve the Map. All of the Sundance Channel employees who have worked on this Map ponder new additions to functionality as well as ways of refining the existing tools used by the Eco-mmunity. Oftentimes, being too close to a project can make it harder to see problems or necessary additions that could improve user experience. Therefore, we are hoping our users could provide us with some needed insights.

Help from our exceptional Eco-mmunity Members would be delightfully useful in making the Map a stronger force in creating positive changes in every day lives and businesses. Please take this opportunity to login to our GREEN discussion area and help us do the right thing. After all, there is a tremendous potential for insight and innovation in the American spirit. Share some of yours with us!