Solar Parking Lots for Consumers and Businesses

Parking lots are one of the necessary evils of the average American life. The only people who really like them are skateboarders, and then only if it is relatively empty. We do have to park our cars somewhere, so perhaps it would be good to make better use of them…

This is where solar parking lots come into play. A cleared open space without much shade is basically describing a solar energy paradise. A company called Solar Envision has pioneered a new concept in solar power that takes advantage of the multitude of parking tarmac found in America. They call their aesthetically pleasing power generators: “solar trees”. Solar trees provide shade underneath them and when there are many of them in ‘planted’ together, you can cutely call them a “solar grove”. Not only will these solar trees reduce energy needs on the grid, but they also keep your car cooler in the shade. If they become the norm, perhaps mall shopoholics will have more shaded spots to fight over on their Saturday morning shopping bonanzas.

For more info, check out the Envision Solar Homepage []

If you have any ideas about what we could do with parking lots to green them, or improve them in any way, please comment on this post.